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Home Page

"A change of heart is the essence of all other change, and is brought about by a re-education of the mind."

Emmeline Pethink Lawrence


Welcome to our Realizations website. I'm Susannah Joyce, the Director of Realizations Training & Resources, since its beginning in 1990.

At Realizations we offer training,consultation,written and electronic resources, retreats and reviews in Canada, the US, and the UK on a variety of topics essential to supporting people who have a developmental disability, mental health issues, or physical challenges, to be full citizens in their community.

Our areas of focus include: Personal Planning; Facilitation; Community Connections; Friendships; Challenging Behaviour; Innovation in Support; Leadership; and Group & Organisational Change,and we work with service organizations, people who use support, families, and community groups.

Realizations always includes a balance of learning approaches so that people gain confidence and hands on experience in using new and effective ways to provide support: Trainings offer:

  • attention to underlying values and process
  • concrete, practical strategies
  • specific examples and stories
  • interactive discussions and exercises
  • information about effective, innovative perspectives
  • resource lists

We frequently collaborate with groups to design training and materials that will meet their specific needs.

I hope you find our information helpful and that you will be a frequent visitor to our site!