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About Us

Hello again, I'm Susannah Joyce. I have been involved in the lives of people who have disabilities since the mid 1980's and I created Realizations in 1990.

I have a passion for understanding how each of us can live our life to the fullest, enjoying what we love, sharing what we're good at, and having a positive influence on one another and our world.

I am also passionate about how we put our knowledge of how change happens into action and how we support each other to grow and to thrive.

I chose the name, Realizations, because of its dual meanings: both a new understanding and creating a new reality from that understanding. Realizations is about thought and action!

I work internationally, providing training and consultation in personal planning, community connections, friendships, challenging behaviour, leadership, and individual and group change, and I also create written and electronic resources on these topics. I am involved on an ongoing basis with people who have a disability, as a friend, and as someone who may help them figure out parts of their lives.

The activities and relationships in my work and in other areas of my life are entwined in ways that sustain me and allow me to keep sharing ideas and connections...the great delight of my life.

I look forward to meeting more people through this site and exchanging thoughts and experiences. I hope you will be one of them.