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Feedback About Our Resources

"Planning Together is excellent...I think it is the most comprehensive, accessible and coherent resource of its kind I have come across.We are certainly coming into contact with more and more individuals and their friends who would find it very valuable."

"Collage helped us get our own Circle going. I appreciated the honesty of everyone's comments and the tips at the back."


Planning Together: A Guide for Facilitators, People Supported, Families, Friends & Paid Supports

Planning Together offers practical, step-by-step information on personal planning and how people in each of the above roles can participate and contribute throughout the entire process.

Can/US: $32.95 plus $3.00 Shipping

UK: £20 plus £5 Shipping

friends in/deed! a handbook on focus planning to help people develop and sustain relationships

A handbook outlining five keys to exploring and developing friendships, as well as ways to maintain them over time. Specific

examples are included.

Can/US: $20.00 plus $3.00 Shipping

UK: £10 plus £5 Shipping

Shifting the Balance: Steps and Strategies to Increase Community Support (CD with Handouts)

This CD offers a number of practical ways that support workers can shift even a little more of their time from caregiving to community connecting, to create more opportunities for friendships to develop. Concrete strategies and ways to overcome obstacles are included.

Can/US:$15.00 plus $3.00Shipping

UK:£10 plus £ 5 Shipping

Collage: Sketches of a Support Circle

A collection of interviews with Lisa's Circle, including why they became involved, why they stay, what they bring to the group and what they receive from it. Ideas for starting and sustaining a Circle are also shared.

Can/US: 20.00 plus $ 3.00Shipping

UK: £10 plus £5 Shipping

Meeting the Challenge: A Guide to Respectful, Effective Planning, Advocacy & Support With People Who Have Puzzling Behaviour

This Guide offers a wealth of ideas on how we approach offering help to people who struggle with behaviour, and information on effective, respectful approaches to assisting people with their everday lives, physical/medical , mood disorders, autism, trauma, and other contributing factors to their difficulties.

Canadian orders: 39.95 (includes hst and postage)

US orders 39.95 (post includedl)

UK orders: £27.50 (post. included)

COMING SOON! Practical Ways to Use Strories in Our Work (CD)

A CD offering a number of ideas and examples for gathering and sharing stories, to increase awareness, learning, celebration, and positive change for people.