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Training & Consultation

Feedback from participants:

"excellent sharing of 'how to's' " ... "thorough and easy to understand" ..."incredible speaker"... "uplifting and informative"

"I learned a lot!"

"We appreciated all you said in your keynote; it truly touched our hearts."

"Your leadership during the retreat was wonderful; you made me think, reflect and release."

Realizations offers the following training opportunities:

Personal Planning

  • An Overview of the philosophy, process, and various approaches, including ways for paid and non-paid people to be involved
  • Facilitation of Personal Planning: skills and strategies to facilitate each step of the planning process
  • Advanced Facilitation Skills: techniques for group dynamics, problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Beyond Planning: moving from plans on paper to real change in people's lives
  • Individual Consultation and Mentoring: opportunities for planning facilitators to meet individually or in a small group with the consultant, to obtain feedback on their approach and skills
  • Planning Reviews and Organisational Consultation: opportunities for feedback and recommendations on how agencies can best support objective,individualized planning

Friendships, Circles & Community Connections

  • Real Friendships:the necessary outlook, planning and actions required to help people move from acquaintanceships to mutual, sustained friendships
  • Building and Sustaining Circles of Support and other intentional approaches to developing relationships
  • Shifting the Balance:simple ways to increase the time and energy of paid and unpaid supports to include more focus on helping people connect to community

Challenging Behaviour

  • Respectful, effective approaches to planning, advocacy and supporting people who are labelled with challenging behaviour

Collaborative Relationships

  • Team Building:leadership styles and working together effectively
  • Partnerships: creating and sustaining collaborative trust relationships between families and paid supports

Values, Leadership & Change

  • Living Values:an exploration of beliefs such as respect, choice, gifts, power, inclusion, relationships, and how our committment translates into action
  • Person Centered Innovation:exciting new ways that individual people, groups and organizations are increasing citizenship and power with people who have a disability
  • Practical Problem-Solving: hands on practice in a variety of problem-solving approaches to reduce obstacles in everyday support
  • Leadership Institutes: gatherings of people supported, families and staff from neighbouring agencies and individual support situations, to explore their collective vision and strengths around areas such as planning, community connections, or other topics of interest


  • Person Centered Evaluation: a variety of ways to evaluate process and outcomes to explore, "Are we doing what we say we're doing?"
  • Service Reviews: evaluation of organizations or specific areas of support, such as planning, community connections, etc. done through interviews and review of written policies and procedures. A written report with recommendations is included.